Do you know anyone whose life wouldn’t be improved by a few more hours a day? Neither do we!

Waketrix began in the year 2002, an American spin-off of European pharmaceutical giant, Oneroi Pharmaceuticals, which was founded in the late 90s by astute Serbian businessman Danijel Oenerić.

Oenerić had a brilliant idea to improve the lives of his fellow man. He purchased a dilapidated, barely functional, state-run hospital and converted it into an independent facility with the ability to provide ultramodern healthcare to all those who lived in his city.

Soon, Oneroi Pharmaceuticals had reached from its humble beginnings in Eastern Europe to the far corners of the world.

The esteemed Dr. Bryce Quincy Sampson MD, a former Bayer executive, was recruited to head the American subsidiary of Oneroi Pharmaceuticals. Sampson’s ambitions were far vaster than what the corporate giant intended for him. With Oenerić’s blessing, Sampson broke off his subsidiary. Hence, Waketrix was born.

With the resources and knowledge that they had gathered from their peers, Sampson and his team of industry leaders embarked on a mission to improve the lives of millions of Americans via an advanced sleep reduction technology that has been in development for decades.