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bXV”Running a medical practice isn’t easy. Before Waketrix™, it took everything I had just to see my patients for the day. Now I’ve expanded my hours and my patients couldn’t be happier. Thanks Waketrix™!”                                                 — Dr. Judith Stiegal, MD

yZG”Waketrix™ doesn’t just let me treat my patients’ symptoms. It lets me improve their lives. Police officers, dentists, and air traffic controllers can function at 100% for days on end.”
                                                    — Dr. Greg Sluder, DO

VyZ”Since I started prescribing Waketrix™ to physicians at my surgical center, patient deaths have dropped 44%, with a 50% decrease in wrong-site operations, and a 70% decrease in retained surgical incidence.”                 — Dr. Claire Walsh, MD PhD.

XJz”I have patients calling me at all hours of the night to tell me how great their experience with Waketrix™ is. That’s never happened before.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                   — Lawrence Carthage, PA   

.jpg”I’ve invented two new forms of neurosurgery since starting Waketrix™, and I’m sure my patients will love them, if the goddamned AMA ever approves them.”
                                                                — Kevan Durdle, MD

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